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 The Bible Story of God and Bible Storying

Missions Teams

Share the Story:  The Story of God 12 Stories is an excellent approach to use for short term missions teams. These 12 stories are easy to learn and fun to tell. Whether the mission team is doing a hands–on work project, a VBS, camp or other project, knowing, telling and teaching these 12 stories is an excellent beginning for whomever the team will be working with to become familiar with the Bible story of God. In the Bible storying approach, even in a short time of maybe 5 days, those in any country or setting can learn and master the first 12 stories for retelling others long after the team has departed.


TheBibleStoryofGod.org  offers a free booklet computer file of the 12 stories for mission work. This is available in English, Spanish and Chinese that can be reproduced as a booklet and provided to others. In addition, the 12 Bible story symbols without English titles or text can be printed on standard size color bandanas (available wholesale) and given as a durable long lasting reminder of the stories for retelling.

The Story of God in 12 Stories


trustedsource Beginning RelationshipBroken noah
The Bible can be trusted
2 Kings 22 – 23:1-3
The Beginning
Genesis 1
Adam and Eve
Genesis 2:15-24
Genesis 6:1-9:17
PromiseFulfilled Shepherd
Exodus 1:7-2:10
The Israelites & the Promised land 
 Exodus 3:17-15:21
A Saviour is born
Luke 2:1-19
Jesus the Shepherd
John 10:1- 18
Jesus is God
Mark 4:35-41
Luke 19:1-10 
God’s Gift to us
Mark 4:35-41     / John 18-20  
Becoming Part of God's Family
John 3:1-18

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