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 The Bible Story of God and Bible Storying

Chronological Bible storying

CBS is an exciting approach for teaching the Bible based on a highly successful method used in missions for over 25 years. Bible storying walks the listener through a chronological series of stories that tells the Story of God and an approach of telling that empowers and equips the listener to tell that Story to others.

In The Bible Story of God there are 60 stories that provide an overview of the Bible in chronological order. The entire set of 60 stories is set in twelve rows of 5 stories. The left vertical column of 12 stories are the keystone stories, or Beginning Story of God and then each row fills in more and more sequential stories between the first twelve in the left column.


This approach enables the storyteller to use just 12 or any customized selection between the 12 keystone stories and the additional stories from each row. Stories are told beginning at the left column and working across each row, then dropping down to the row below.


Unlike other “storying” approaches, this is not intended to meet needs of specific people groups but rather to first teach the overview of the Bible. Following this foundations storytelling, additional stories can be developed and added around certain themes or specific needs.







The Bible is a Special Book

Who is God?

What is God Like?

The Bible Changes Lives

King Josiah

The Three Persons of God



Who is Satan

What are Angels?


False Philosophies

Religion vs. Jesus

How Everything Began

Adam and Eve



Sin Enters the World

Cain and Able

A Messiah is Prophesied

God’s Plan

For Mankind


Noah and God’s Promises

The Tower of Babel

Sodom and Gomorrah

Abraham’s Faith

Joseph and His Brothers

Baby Moses is Protected by God


Moses is Called

Pharaoh and the Plagues

The Passover

God Provides for His People

The Israelites Cross the Red Sea

Joshua leads to the Promised Land

David and Goliath

Daniel Trusts God

Jonah Disobeys God


Jesus is Born

The Visit of the Magi


Jesus in the Temple

Jesus is Baptized

by John

Jesus begins His ministry

Jesus the Good Shepherd


Jesus is tempted by Satan on the mountain

Jesus Calls His Disciples

The Parable of the Sower and the Seed

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Jesus is God – the Winds and Sea Obey Him

Jesus Feeds 5000

Jesus Has Power Over Evil

Being Born Again -


The Rich Young Ruler

The 10 Command-


Zacchaeus Becomes Jesus’ Friend

The Good Samaritan

Jesus Has Power Over Death – Lazarus

The Last Supper

Jesus is Betrayed


Jesus Dies and is Risen

Jesus is Crucified

for the Sin of all Mankind

Jesus is Risen

Jesus Ascends and Gives the Great Commission

The Holy Spirit Comes and Gives Power

Becoming Part of Gods Family


The Fruit of the Spirit

Saul Becomes a Believer

Early Christians Tell Others About Jesus

Last things Heaven

- Revelation


* For more information and resources on this complete 60 story approach go to www.CBS4Kids.org



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