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Short Term Mission Teams – Know and Tell The Story of God in 12 Stories





Know and Tell the Stories of God in 12 Stories is a FREE booklet with a slightly different set of stories from The Beginning Story of God. This set includes 6 Old Testament and 6 New Testament stories in chronological sequence. These stories teach an overview of the Bible and conclude with a challenge for a personal faith commitment to Christ as Lord and Savior. Short term teams can use this story set not only for telling but for training others how to effectively tell the Story of God

Know and Tell The Stories of  God in 12 Stories Leader’s Guide:  This FREE booklet includes all 12 stories plus a step by step outline for training leaders worldwide an effective storytelling approach in a 1 hour session. This training approach can be used by short term mission teams or in church settings for training everyone how to use the 12 stories to share with others the Story of God and lead them toward a faith decision in Christ.






The Story of God in 12 Stories


trustedsource Beginning RelationshipBroken faith
Trusted Source
2 Kings 22 – 23:1-3
Genesis 1
Relationship Broken
Genesis 2:15-24
Genesis 17:1-22  
OrdinaryPeople PromiseMade PromiseFulfilled whoishe
Ordinary People
Exodus 3:1-15 
Promise Made
 Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 53:9,12
Promise Fulfilled
Luke 2:1-19
Who is He?
John 10:1- 18  
itsagift victory return belonging
It’s a Gift
Mark 4:35-41
John 18 - 20
Luke 19:1-10 
Matthew 24, Revelation 21  
John 3:1-18

BibleStoryofGod.org offers a free booklet of these 12 stories and the graphic Bible story symbol file for developing printed T Shirts or bandanas as a reminder of the stories learned. Contact Kurt@BibleStoryofGod.org or in Canada,  Marion@BibleStoryofGod.org


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